Outcome Documents

14.08.2017 By admin.umaiana 0

As a result of the Summit, two main documents will be adopted: the Astana Declaration and the Outcome Document “OIC Science, Technology and Innovation Agenda 2026,” which are at the final stage of approval.

The Astana Declaration is a political document, the adoption of which will be a clear sign of determination of the OIC Member States to support science and technology

as a priority, including in the framework of the OIC 2025: Programme of Action and the Outcome Document of the Astana Summit. The declaration will reflect the importance of developing and implementing initiatives and programs, as well as inferential research in the field of education, professional skills, basic and applied sciences, primarily aimed at resolving urgent social problems.

The draft Outcome Document, before its final approval at the Summit, will be finalized at a meeting of the OIC ministers in charge of science and technology, which will be held on September 9