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The history of the Palace of independence

Capital is the image, mentality after a while it is a shine and elegance everywhere, whether it is the capital resident or next built property. Astana grows every day, interchanging with architectural styles of Asia and Europe, incorporating the best. The Palace of Independence took its own place in the galaxy of stars of the capital. And it appeared as a necessity, in sync with its time. Kazakhstan was presented to the world community as a young and independent state, had the fate to be in the foreground. They are: the opening of the diplomatic embassies, missions and holding of international events.
And the idea of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev’s came true. Today we can see a beautiful, monumental building of the Palace of Independence – an architectural feature is load-bearing walls in the form of the Kazakh kerege – the framework of the yurt, it has become one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in Astana. We start to count since 15 December, 2008 the beginning of the work of the Palace of Independence that was the opening date of the Palace. At this moment, the total area of the building is over 40 thousand square meters.
The Palace presents a harmonious combination of beautiful and practical, past and present. Purpose of such a grandiose construction is also very high. The capital – Astana is the heart of Kazakhstan, where the state solved the fateful questions at different levels. In this regard, the daily visit to the capital by the guests and delegations from different parts of the world is the normal operating mode. The Palace of Independence has everything you need and became a venue for official state events, forums, meetings, congresses, conferences. The capacity, technical equipment and comfort allow organizing and showing all events at the highest international level. In addition to the official events, there are having all opportunities for concerts, exhibitions and celebrations.
The interior represents an amazing combination of strict decisions with aesthetics for comfort. In this regard, the first floor of the building was built to organize large-scale events and meetings.
Congress – hall with impressive dimensions 70×70 meters, with capacity more than 3000 people, built without columns or special supports, using the modular ceilings. A distinctive feature of the hall is the possibility of dividing it by transforming panels into several parts, each of which can operate in a standalone mode, that is, if necessary, reliable sound insulation makes it possible to simultaneously carry out several events.
Press – center with capacity for 200 seats, offers an international communication, language technology, sound-amplifying equipment, cathedral desk. It is meant for journalists for on-line transmission of information play-by-play, for press conferences, debates, private meetings and etc.
Conference – hall with capacity for 273 seats and sound-amplifying equipment is intended for especially solemn events.
Restaurant is meant for the courts and banquets, entertainment programs designed with capacity for 400 people, divided with marble columns into three parts. The high ceiling of the hall gives to designers unlimited possibilities for festive decoration and installation of rigid structural decorations. Comfort gives to restaurant a cascade of fountains in the palace square with view through the large windows showcase.
The second floor introduces our visitors and brings them into the world of beauty.
The exhibition pavilions of the Palace presents a variety of women’s jewelry, costumes from different regions of the Kazakh steppes, weapons and armor of warriors, keeping the wisdom of centuries of musical instruments, hand-made carpets. Perception of the spirit of that time reinforced by colorful paintings of Kazakh life, compositions of figures, recreating the hunting, spinning and touching scene of farewell ceremony of bride.
Gallery of the Palace is the largest in Astana. The exposed works of art will find their preferences, even the most capricious lover. Made in different styles and views on art – abstraction, landscape, scenery, portraits – contains the raw of exhibited works of famous Kazakh artists such as Mullashev, Akanayev, Smagulova, Begalin are make to think and sculptures made of ceramics, bronze and wood.
The third floor continues and completes the chronological chain of materials and exhibits of our days, talking about the history of Astana.
Exhibition hall of history of Astana city represents the story of the formation of the young capital of Kazakhstan. During the years of independence, passing through a number of events, visits, celebrations, holidays and everyday life, the important public documents, was wrote the history of new times – the modern history. In the hall of the history of Astana city exposed the documents regarding the moving of the capital from Almaty to Astana, sporting achievements, achievements in the field of culture, a number of gifts to the Astana Days from numerous international and friendly countries as a sign of recognition and respect.
Here, on the third floor situated a Model hall “Astana 2030”, made in the scale of 1:600. Visually seen projects of Kisho Kurokawa and Norman Foster caused genuine interest of visitors.
4D Cinema and 360 degrees Cinema presents to visitors a film about Astana, about the history of the capital.
The Palace of Independence conforms to the international standards: extended infrastructure, high leveled technical equipment, and quality management.
The Palace is a number one iconic object in the political, economic and cultural life not only in the capital but also the whole country.
In the Palace of Independence were held such events as: OSCE Astana summit, WIFS meeting, Anniversary OJC summit, the OIC summit, Summit of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the meeting of the Asian Development Bank and other significant events in the political life of the state.
For the first time in 2014, Kazakhstan chaired by ADB. The Palace was not only the venue for this event, but also its co-organizer. During the 3 days of the meeting work of the Asian Development Bank, the Palace was attended by over 28,000 participants from all over the world. The Palace is one of the favorite places for visitors and residents of the capital.
Much attention in the work of Palace of Independence is paid to culture, namely the introduction of visitors with the world trends in contemporary and traditional art. This is the place where have been organized such projects as “Napoleon. The Life. The legend” from France, “The world through the eyes of Japanese master of kimono Itiko Kubota” from Japan,”PEOPLE” from South Korea and many others.
Every day the work of the Palace is rich of events, because each day we are at the center of attention. Each event, exhibition, that held in the Palace, each exhibit – is a unique instrument for promoting the image of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its capital – Astana!